Financial Planning Services

To do this we combine our tax expertise with the specialist knowledge of our authorised and regulated Independent Financial Advisors from Greystone Financial Services.

Whether its pensions and investments, inheritance tax planning or Wills and estate planning, with HLB Financial Services Ltd you will receive independent advice that is tailored to your individual circumstances. All recommendations are presented in writing and with no obligation to proceed.

Our financial planning services include:

Pensions and Investments

As our life expectancy continues to rise, many of us can now expect to be in employment for up to 45 years, followed by 30 years of retirement. Therefore, solely relying on the state pension is unlikely to enable you to maintain your current lifestyle in retirement.

By understanding your current financial circumstances and aspirations for retirement, we will consider all of the pension options available and help you select the most appropriate pensions and investment solution that will offer you the greatest possible financial security.

Inheritance Tax Planning

If your assets are worth more than £325,000, you should think about inheritance tax planning. Inheritance tax is a tax that is payable on the value of your assets when you die. It covers your estate which can include your house, other properties, savings and investments, pay-outs from life insurance policies and jewellery.

Through careful estate planning, our financial advisors can help to reduce the inheritance tax bill your estate will be left to pay when you die. By minimising the inheritance tax due, it means more money will be left to the people you love.

Wills and Estate Planning

Whatever your age, an up-to-date, professionally written Will is very important. It’s the only way to guarantee that your wishes are carried out after you die and your family is provided for in the way you intended.

Our legal advisors will discuss your wishes and draft your Will to ensure that it is legally compliant and reflects your needs. As part of the Will drafting service, we can advise on estate planning. Through careful estate planning, we can work with you to ensure that more of your wealth passes to the people you love, through planned lifetime gifts and a tax-efficient Will.

To arrange a free consultation with a HLB Financial Services Ltd Independent Financial Advisor to discuss your financial services requirements, please call your local office.

About HLB Financial Services Ltd

Hall Livesey Brown and Greystone Financial Services Ltd formed HLB Financial Services Ltd to provide clients with access to impartial advice in areas such as pensions, investments and inheritance tax planning from a qualified Independent Financial Advisor.